I was nominated last night at 8:55 to do the bucket challenge. I donated earlier today but because I work tonight, I’m doing the bucket challenge tomorrow.

This is going to be something. Glad I can help anyway I can and do something with a kick.

How can one deal with the fact that their favorite band, oh you know, Alkaline Trio, is playing home for four days ina row and on the beginning day of the tour home, Against me! is playing the same night?

Against me!\Laura has played Chicago this year a handful of times and I’ve missed every single show.

Next year, Against me! is mine. Let this be proof of documentation.

George - 1. Elane - 0.

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This was such a good podcast -- http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/voice-verse-podcast/episode/35160158?autoplay=true

I stumbled on it in my stories on Absolutepunk. I have at least 200+ stories to read\hear\watch.

Ace was on ‘Voice & Verse’ the other day. It made me happy.


I can not wait.

Don’t go, I’m looking for salt ina snowglobe ‘cause what I had is slipping fast.

Dr. Howe, please call me back.

And I prayed to remove this splinter from within my middle finger.

[from earlier today. I enjoyed myself]

Heroes live forever but legends never die. Rest easy, Jay boy

Heroes live forever but legends never die. Rest easy, Jay boy

Been in a huge, huge, huge Tom Delonge mood. Strange I guess to some to hear you’re in a mood for a person.

I’ve been laying here in bed going back an forth from Blink to Angels to Box Car.

I’m just stuck in this point where I hear the difference in his voice through different songs, different albums and different years the albums had came out.

People talk about his voice and pitch and all that jazz. I hear it, let me tell you, but he’s an older man now, dudes goin to hit 39 this December. (I’d still make love if given the chance ;)) and he just doesn’t “scream” anymore. I noticed more now that I’ve dabbled between different albums\bands that Angels is just a whole lot more mellow(if it really wasn’t obvious) and calm where his vocals just flow through.

He doesn’t have to fully pronounce a word, ha!

Oh boy…This mood is murdering me. I know they just came here last year at Riot Fest but I can’t wait anymore. But….its good that I have to. I can’t afford anymore. I’m patient when it comes to them, no matter how ridiculous that sounds, no matter how ridiculous I get, when it comes to absolutely anything the three of them are doing.

Alright, I’m done. Over and out.

She takes my hand and leads me in. It is not over.

She sets the mood so I begin..and I walk over.

She speaks the word to make me grin…can I please have her?

We grab a hold to brace the end. This is what I am speaking of.

I made tonight a memory, yeah you took me higher and higher. You make it hard for me to leave but I’m coming back to you.