Restless legs, stop being restless. Eyes, I know you want to shut but my body says otherwise.

Chicago, enough with the bipolar weather. K thanks.

Sincerely, Jessi.

It’s 1:08am and I just walked in a bit ago. I had to borrow the bf’s car to take our friend home and I took myself home.

While I decided to put music on through a cassette through my phones Pandora, I put the weezer station on and its just pure awesomeness. It was so good to drive in the dark with lightening in the distance peeking through the dark clouds, with a real chill breeze, windows down and being alone.

Jimmy Eat World came on and it had me feeling emotional. Like I wanted to cry. Not from sadness or anger, just felt like crying. I’m getting older and the band’s I grew up with are also getting older and nostalgia will forever be something I hold so dear. No matter how fucking stupid you think that is.

Its now storming here in Chicago. I.hope I can sleep. Even though it was chill outside, it doesn’t work the same for inside.

Good night.

Anonymously (or not) message me (3) things you want to know about me.

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My pup odie and myself these past two days.

I love him. So damn much.

My favorite pit at Riot Fest. The Souls were amazing, CM Punk was gnarly, I was on the wrong side of the stage.

The people were hyped but not as hyped as the other. I miss Riot Fest already. Fighting the urge to go to Denver this weekend. As if it were possible.

Next year should be quite rad.

I miss my best friend. She moved to Colorado in August. She wasn’t able to come home for Riot Fest, so she’s going alone to Colorado’s this weekend.

That’s her fest now. I checked the lineup and she has a few bands I’d love to see that weren’t here for mine. And to not miss the ones that I did, y’know?

I’m off the weekend but I’d never be able to get to Colorado on my own or pay for my three day pass.

My fantasies beg to differ. It’s quite wonderful.

I was called a dick tonight because of something I said. From a person I admire. It hurt me. But I think I now know why people don’t like me.

I’m a dick. Which is odd since I talk to no one. I make no effort because I’m shy and people don’t find me interesting enough.

Well day two of riot fest is over. I’m dead. Time to crawl into bed and wake up for round three.

mondosmusicbox said: C D L

I like, as in enjoy, this dude Kelley I’m getting to know, who I met through Tumblr. He’s pretty cool. We like a lot of the same stuff and he’s a talker and interesting. He likes to know shit, haha.

The hardest thing I ever been through was the death of my Father. Other than seeing him unconscious on the hospital bed, the toughest thing for me to go through was knowing that maybe if I had called him when I had gotten out of work the day before we were supposed to hangout and not think negative that he was going to blow me off because he had went out, maybe he wouldn’t have died or gone through what he did. I hope that feeling goes away. I can’t hold that forever, it makes me sad.

My body, but more so my stomach. I see it one way, where you might see it another. It stops me from wearing my older band tees because it’s as if they had shrank and it looks horrible on me. Any nice clothes really. I shouldn’t care, but I do. I’m working on it to make myself be healthier and more toned to where I want to be.

Guys, Riot Fest is tomorrow. Here’s my last post.

If you’re heading there, my Tumblr buds, and we haven’t met yet, here’s what I look like. I’ll be there all weekend.

Look for the chubby gal wearing all black.

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