Thank you, my sweets. Night 4. Crimson\Good mourning and 97 for the finale. My soul jumped outta me.

I’m at a Halloween party and no one knows who I am.

A plus though, my old gamestop boss wants me back again for the season. I feel great about that. It just….feels great to be wanted and appreciated.

Give. Me. These. Moments.

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Kind of sucks when you had no intention of really texting a person, but then give them your number and they don’t text you at all.

I’d do it if they gave me theirs. Ha.

They probably lost it. Its funny but then kind of sucks. Maybe I deserve that.

I was by this babe all night. isawthew0lf — Why wouldn’t we be wearing black? Heh

Oh, you know. Meeting Mike Park. No big deal.

My babes did wonderful tonight on night 1. My Shame is true & Goddammit! My ultimate favorite trio album.

Second time I’ve got to hear and witness it live. In full. Fuck YES.

more posts later. Sunday is closing day and night 4. My 2nd day of the tour. Stoked to catch opening and closing day.




The irony of calling Insane Clown Posse “lame” while wearing a Misfits t-shirt.

Yeah, Misfits is pretty weak tbh.

Actually, I like the Misfits quite a bit. But anybody who thinks it’s any less silly than any other band with a gimmick is a silly goose who buys into the “punk rock rules (i.e., it’s old and therefore good)” more than the music itself.

I don’t appreciate the comparison of the misfits to ICP. Two different genres, two different styles of music and people. All I gotta say it, FIEND FOR LIFE.

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Alkaline Trio is tonight. and the next night, and the next night and the next night.

I’ll be there tonight for opening day and I will be there for the closing day, Sunday.

Stoked as fuck. I can not wait. I can’t wait to sing my heart our and enjoy seeing their faces again and just feel the spirit of my best friend next to me since she couldn’t make it.

I hope to see everyone’s smiling face there.

There are so many attractive people in the world and I just want to tell them that they are. And maybe hug them and kiss their cheek.

But people don’t like confrontation or to be told they’re attractive by someone who isn’t attractive.

The world we live in.

I want to pick Gerard Way’s brain.

Thinking\feeling\reading that makes me sing “I want to see what your insides look like, I bet you’re not fuckin pretty on inside”. He’s pretty, though.