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I didn’t get to share all of the radness that I’ve been up to.

Finally, the time is now my friends. The ultimate cereal is back. I took them out of their box last night at work. Such a great perk. I’m hoping I build their display today.

All of these amazing goodies came inside the paint tin. My mom rules for this. All pumpkin scented. So much Fall is happening right now. Come smell me.

The last photo is what my mom picked up at Michaels when we had to stop in to get some craft shit. I picked out the cups but she basically stole my already existing idea, ha ha. Get ready to see so many fuckin goodies from me decked out in Halloween “attire” Haha.

Where’s my dude Jason Saint at?

This is home.

I’m being recognized for pizza, fall and Halloween from every one. My life is just rad.

People share so much cool stuff with me.and I just get extremely happy over it all.

Also, those cookies are amazing.

We all have our poison.



Take my advice, date someone who liked Digimon better than Pokemon as a kid.

Digimon was all about having one great partner was versatile and was with you until the very end.

Pokemon was all about “I’mma get all the bitches and Flex better than anybody.”

When you wonder why ya nigga cheat stop and ask yourself.

Like ya’ll think I’m playing,


But I’m 3000% dead ass



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Say Anything, Saves The Day, Reggie and the Full Effect Announce Album Anniversary Tour




The bands will be touring the United States this fall. Say Anything will be celebrating the anniversary of …Is A Real Boy, Saves the Day will playing Through Being Cool and Reggie and the Full Effect will play Under The Tray

I’d love to hear both Saves the day and Say Anything. That Say Anything was a big highlight of my teen years. Lots and lots of funny jokes. and well, Saves the day just fucking rules.

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Last night I got off work at ten and found out I had to borrow my mom’s car to pick up my brother at work.

He’s got a good view. Then again, he does work in the city. Beggars pizza to be exact. Do you realize how hard it was to say no to a pizza slice? Fuck.

I tried to fix it more than you could ever know. To do things right to be your friend and make it right. To find a thread that I could start to sew, but whats the use? I know you’re just sore to lose.

'Cause I was never half as bad as you were bad to me. Being real, not being mean. You're old enough to know the difference between, being real and being mean.