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A Bitter Divorce // Captain, We’re Sinking

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It’s that time where, you wear your favorite old band tee because it’s big on you and you feel good in it and it smells old and you keep in hidden in your drawer only to feel it becoming glued to you like it wants to hug you and you hate yourself because you’re gaining weight and it just pisses you thee fuck off.

yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Nothing I can do but sit here and whine and cry and blah blah blah. Once May comes, yah, once May comes.

  • Me: *wears band shirt as a mating signal*
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When you’re two hours early for work, all you can do is hang out at target for an hour an peep at the cats at pet co. Good thing I have my store connected to a strip mall, right?

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