I took these just because.

Not sure if it’s the coffee I had on an empty stomach or the shit ton of walking we did today, but I feel awfully jittery and shaky. Not fond of this feeling. I feel anxious, lol. Lets see if I can get through work facing the entire store on my own.

So, I had mentioned I bumped into Tony today while I was dropping off Angela and we had a conversation about how I’m thinking of getting my septum pierced [I’m not 100% on it] and I’m just not too sure if I should.

He’s been piercing for 3 years  - or so he’s told me and you know what he did that I had no problem with? That kind of scared me?

He put his thumb and index finger inside my nose to feel my septum and told me I had the perfect space/spot for one. I sat there like “huh..imagine that.”


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