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Ace at his finest.

The Early November - Digital Age.

Just pure bliss.

Nothing but thunder/lightening storms for this entire week. Seeing as it’s Sunday, a new week, it’s still continuing!

I absolutely love it when it storms or rains. It feels soothing.

Though - I just want to finish downloading my new iTunes so I can listening to The Early November’s new cd.

It’s taking for ever. I just want to listen! :D

I had preordered it months ago, and it comes out either the 3rd of this month or the 10th and I had gotten it yesterday! What a lovely thing to come home to.

I watched the DVD it came with and it isn’t really long but it made me extremely happy. It felt VERY nostalgic and it felt as if they never left.

I always knew they’d come back. I’m so happy they did. Words will never express said happiness.

I work tonight. Not looking forward to it. I hope it clears as far as the weather goes.

iTunes, hurry up.

I will wait for you for days, I will wait for you for days, I will wait for you for ever.

The Early November - Close To You [Rough Mix]

New album “In Currents” out July 3rd.

This is new track off their new album. Premiered it today! :D :D :D
Going on tour next month! 

The Early November’s full set on December 26th 2011 in Boston MA.

It feels so right. I love singing along. I can’t wait for this new record. I can’t wait for them to tour.

Welcome back, my babies!


This is wonderful.