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This was such a good podcast --

I stumbled on it in my stories on Absolutepunk. I have at least 200+ stories to read\hear\watch.

Ace was on ‘Voice & Verse’ the other day. It made me happy.

jessiremembershalloween said: Hey! I seen the add over the weekend, greatly appreciated. Its always awesome when the band's take interest in the fans, so thank you. You'll be in Chicago soon, We'll bump into each other then. Get ready for some Chicago love! Sincerely, Jessi.


See you in Chicago jessi thanks so much!

This was the greatest thing to see.

If you know me, you can already picture the joy on my face\in my eyes and the noise I made while reading it.

Ace Enders is truly an amazing being. I’m pretty sure he knows that. Forever and always will be a fan.

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and everyone was bitching on how these records would be 100$ and shit. and then they’re like, naahhh probably 50$ tops.

Look at it. 35 fucking dollars. It’s sold out, I figured as much. I’m bummed I missed it but I’ll get them eventually. 

I just hate how everyone thinks because some bands come back and the cost skyrockets and all this bullshit.

It’s not the band, it’s also the company and blah blah blah. I just want it. I woulda paid 100$ if I had to. That’s what music means to me, and that’s what this band means to me.

I donated a lot of money when Ace was doing his kickstarter for the ‘I can make a mess like nobody’s business’ and I fucking love everything I received and it was worth all the pennies.

Ace at his finest.

The Early November - Digital Age.

Just pure bliss.

Nothing but thunder/lightening storms for this entire week. Seeing as it’s Sunday, a new week, it’s still continuing!

I absolutely love it when it storms or rains. It feels soothing.

Though - I just want to finish downloading my new iTunes so I can listening to The Early November’s new cd.

It’s taking for ever. I just want to listen! :D

I had preordered it months ago, and it comes out either the 3rd of this month or the 10th and I had gotten it yesterday! What a lovely thing to come home to.

I watched the DVD it came with and it isn’t really long but it made me extremely happy. It felt VERY nostalgic and it felt as if they never left.

I always knew they’d come back. I’m so happy they did. Words will never express said happiness.

I work tonight. Not looking forward to it. I hope it clears as far as the weather goes.

iTunes, hurry up.

I will wait for you for days, I will wait for you for days, I will wait for you for ever.

The Early November - Close To You [Rough Mix]

New album “In Currents” out July 3rd.

This is new track off their new album. Premiered it today! :D :D :D
Going on tour next month! 

The Early November’s full set on December 26th 2011 in Boston MA.

It feels so right. I love singing along. I can’t wait for this new record. I can’t wait for them to tour.

Welcome back, my babies!