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I have a lot of dreams about the same two people. Sometimes it’s random, as all dreams are but sometimes they come night after night.

I just wish they were in my life more than random bumps into one another or shows.

Well, at least they know I dream about them. I don’t tell them always but what are you gonna do?


Touche Amore rocked my face off last night. I bought this hoodie last night and I adore it like no other. It’s my first band hoodie in a real, real, real long time. I.finally got to see them after missing them at Riot Fest for Brand New.

They made a joke about our Riot Fest. Good ol Chicago. My home. The singer goes “if you were at Riot Fest, you’ll understand this joke. Let’s thank Brand New for not playing tonight.” And yah, huge smile on my face.

MewithoutYou was really awesome to see. I never listened to them and I’ve known about them forever and last night I really enjoyed them.

I had such a good time last night, aside that it was an early ass show. It ended at 8:30 because it started at 5:30 and the 2nd opening band cancelled because of van trouble:\ and the band who was playing after our show even cancelled so Touche could of played even longer. Urgh! But none the less, it was amazing.

Isabel, myself and my boyfriend met with Stephanie and bumped into Kman and Nicole.

Love it.

Yesterday I had gotten a very rad belated Christmas gift from Zack. Tell me it isn’t awesome. I absolutely love it.

Yesterday Zack and I caught the 10:37 train and headed to the city where we had lunch at this diner he took me to and it was real nice. We talked about a lot of different shit and we walked around after making conversation and I wanted to stop at Do-Rite’s because it isn’t a visit to my city unless I go there.

Afterward we went to Macy’s just to look for a pea coat for him and bummed it at good ol Target. Basically just bum around walking and shit. Got a cup of coffee and hopped on the train home around 2:30\3. I’m glad we finally got to hang out and such. It’s been a while.

So, uh, Johnny cupcakes anyone?

Fortunate enough to know someone who likes you as much as you like them and just enjoys your input and thoughts on the things they send you and just overall enjoys talking to you.

Making me feel good thinking about stuff and reminiscing. 

Listening to Itunes as I wait for my ride to work. Also very fortunate to have a ride to and from work now that I haven’t been able to drive and my car not being drive-able.

Hurts me still, not used to this ‘lifestyle’ yet.

Enough with the negative…I have to be positive.

I read a few days ago “negative thoughts will not lead to a positive life”.

Not saying I’m negative but I do think things more than I should but whatever. I’m human.

I wish I could talk to more people than I do now and I just want to pick their brain about things. Isn’t it crazy how much you think of\about a person that it’s likely they aren’t to you in that exact manner but it just fills you with joy on how you think of them?

I’m beyond thankful for Kman.

He’s seriously one of the greatest friends I’ve come to have in my life.

He sent me some music today and I just love him so much for bringing some more good music into my life. I’ve gotten into so many bands because of him and one of them was Touche Amore.

Guess who missed them at Riot Fest last year because they had to catch Brand new? but….guess who is seeing them with MeWithoutYou next month?

Yah. Me. and I’m going to see Kman at the show too just like I did at The Front Bottoms 4 days ago.

Kman, you rule. Thank you for ruling.

Seeing The Foopas tonight with Esteban.

Hoping to see Kman, Jim and Nicole tonight.

I screenshot this via my FB. Yah. First show of the year for me — doing it pretty radically.

I have no life. Fuck it all.

Hey, you, Tumblr folk. If we’ve talked more than one, read my latest blog below the dog photo I reblogged.

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Best friends mean doing stupid shit for no reason, going out with no money but somehow always having money to get coffee.

I’m late with posting photos from last month and shit. I like looking back at the things I’ve done and the events I went to.

This was for my boyfriend’s birthday. I love you, Moobs*

* Pet name, haaay.

I’ve been working on this painting for my friend, Jazzy and she wants to be surprised and I’m adding more details to it annnd I haven’t been posting or uploading images of my progress because I don’t want her to see it.

She let me send her a tease and this is what I sent her. So I’m allowing myself to upload this photo.

I’m almost done [finally] and I can’t wait to send it out to her.