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The Hallow played their first show in a long time last night up North at the Beat Kitchen.

For those of you who I invited and did not show - your loss!

The Hallow played one new song that’s coming on their new 14 track record that I was told about today. Don’t quote me on it though for people change their minds.

I somehow got a hold of their set list last night and I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty stoked that I did.

Prior to heading up North with just Steve and Izzy and myself - Steve and myself had went to Target for a birthday card, grabbed coffee and a doughnut at Dunkin and waited at Izzy’s house til he got off work. He brought home pizza with his dad, we all ate and shit in honor of Anthony’s 19th birthday. [dude’s getting old :’(. My little ‘brother’]. 

Family came over around 6/7ish and we all had some drinks, shooting shit, talking shit, having some legit conversations. 

Y’know what I absolutely love about my boyfriend’s family? They love my friends. I only bring around 3 but they absolutely love Steve and Angela. :’D.

We all sang happy birthday to Anthony around 9, everyone’s either buzzed or drunk. [Shout out to Jason Saint for the phone call and Kman for the text of how lucky and awesome he is] I drove us to the Beat Kitchen and got there some what late - DON’T CARE. Hugged the FUCK out of Emily and said hello to some new people I had met last night.

Emily and I had two drinks together where in a whole, we all just had drinks together but it was special for Emily and I. ;D. I never spent that much money in one place for something to drink. Both Izzy and Steve were broke so I was the good friend/girlfriend.

Bob played last[The Hallow] and they did awesome. I’ve missed them. 

We all headed home around 1am. Something about Lake Shore Drive at 1am with no music and just the wind blowing through the windows makes everything worth it.

It was really fucking good to see Emily. I truly missed her. She and I gotten close over the years and even though we never see nor talk to each other, seeing her every once ina blue moon never changes anything between us. “Jessica, you can hate me and I still would never hate you”.

So, Tumblr people -

Check out The Hallow. Local Chicago scene band. Hardcore punk. Bunch of dudes who like horror films and burping. - -

My boyfriend’s 4 year old sister, Bella, was sitting next to me waiting for me to finish my dinner and she was asking me a lot of questions.

My phone rings and it’s my friend Steve. When I hang up, Bella asks me who I was talking to. I told her Steve and she goes “from American Dad?” I go “Yes…Yes Bella. I am friends with Steve from American Dad”.

It was wonderful.

Nothing but thunder/lightening storms for this entire week. Seeing as it’s Sunday, a new week, it’s still continuing!

I absolutely love it when it storms or rains. It feels soothing.

Though - I just want to finish downloading my new iTunes so I can listening to The Early November’s new cd.

It’s taking for ever. I just want to listen! :D

I had preordered it months ago, and it comes out either the 3rd of this month or the 10th and I had gotten it yesterday! What a lovely thing to come home to.

I watched the DVD it came with and it isn’t really long but it made me extremely happy. It felt VERY nostalgic and it felt as if they never left.

I always knew they’d come back. I’m so happy they did. Words will never express said happiness.

I work tonight. Not looking forward to it. I hope it clears as far as the weather goes.

iTunes, hurry up.

Tell me that isn’t the raddest fucking thing you ever seen?

Jason had created me a mix and sent it out. He really outdone himself. He went above and beyond with the artwork and I’m just overly thankful and appreciative of it. I thought I owned at doodlin’ on CDs that I’d make my friends and Jason gave “making a mix” a whole new meaning.

I only know a couple of bands on the list but I am way stoked to check it out when I drive to work tonight.

Rad dude. Rad CD. 

Flatfoot’s show was fucking awesome - THOUGH, it would have been a lot more awesome if Steve coulda came with. Two times, and most of the night I had an open spot right in front of the stage/barricade and it was just the most fucked up thing ever.

Steve should have been in that spot next to me.

Anyway, all the bands that played before them were real good except the first band, the opener was a bit of a downer. He wasn’t singing at all, more so yelling at you and being loud. Poor guys though..traveling from Tennessee and was their last day on the tour.

Had a good night though. The original bagpiper came out and played their last song with them! :o. It was something. It was really fucking awesome. I haven’t seen that dude since the first time I seen them play YEARS AGO. Holy shit.

They had painted their banner thing that sits behind them when they play and at the end of the set they started to tear apart the banner and just tossed it into the crowd. Angela and I got a piece of it and took one home for Steve seeing as he couldn’t be there with us :/

It was a good night. I can’t fucking wait to see them again. Flatfoot never disappoints. 

My new default photo.

You can thank the rad Jason Saint for it. He drew it. 
I’m not used to an actual doodle for a default photo so it’ll have to grow on me.


I miss when The Office would air on TBS everyday at 2:30pm. It gave me something to look forward to.

But then again, I can’t complain because they play two episodes instead of one everyday at 11pm til 12am and I am a happy Jessi after work. Seeing as I get off at 10pm every night.

Office Blog.

I’m in need of ‘new’ music.

I say you all should make a mix cd.

Physical copy is always welcomed but I will take a Zip folder/mix tape if you want!

It’s not that I don’t go around looking for new music, it’s just I’m stuck in the past.

I took notice that Angela started to listen to “make do and mend” or what have you and she’s all into it. I can’t find one band and get all into it and stuff.

So, mixes are needed. Lets go.
I’d make one for you in return but I fear what ever I listen to - you have it already.


OR..just..give me a message with some band names. Yah. That too.

So much rad is happening to such rad people.

and I want to be a part of it!

I can’t wait for my life to get started. School is such a big step. It worries the fuck out of me. 

I will be in my friend’s past shoes where they will be where I am now.

I can’t wait for all these shows to see and meet people I haven’t yet.
I can’t wait to see Kman and Jim again!

To finally meet Jason too.

I lost my train of thought. 

I’ve got burned bad, guys. It was very hard to sleep last night. I feel like…a piece of toast. lol.

I’m over sizing it today with my boyfriend’s tee. Little does he know, I’m keeping it. Look at it. :D

Work tonight. Not thrilled. Guess whats for lunch? Yup.