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I’m here at work, waiting to clock in. Its 6:27 and I start at 7. Just made sense to get dropped off early.

I have my iPod luckily. So, yesterday I got hit on too hard here at work. This guy was walking around blasting his music and it was annoying as shit. It had sound like it was at max volume with shit distortion.

I.seen him.on the way to the bathroom. When I got back to my aisle, he found me and he literally reversed the cart and was like “girl, you look good. What’s your name” I looked at him and looked away. Again, “what’s your name?” I shook my head and he ended up walking to me down the aisle. He asked again and I just pointed to my name tag.

He’s all “damn you fine. What time do you get off?” I shook my head and said no and I told him “I have a boyfriend, my friend”. He does that noise where something looks TOO good, y’know, like food and says “but damn you fine. You look good”.

That was real funny. This store, I tell yah.

This was the last photo on from my day of birth yesterday. It’s me behind my.old store that they decided to close down.

I drive pass it a lot and its depressing to see it so empty. Looking at it at this light you can’t believe how filled it really was.

I hate my new store. Haaaate it. Its fuckin huge and the kids I work with and trained are morons. I don’t know.

Anyway, last night I got a drink named after me and that really fucking ruled.

This is my coworker, Kytrell. He’s one of my favorites from this new store.

So, turns out we’re on Chex cereal. How about that?

This is my store. I took it right when we officially closed which was this past Wednesday at 1PM.

My mom just informed me they’re taking down the sign right now.


I made an event page for tonight, new Jewel crew and old Jewel crew are gonna get together at the Crow Bar and shit for our last hurrah.

I hope I see everyone I want/invited.


I’m transferring.

Y’know that post I had made a wee bit ago about how my store is closing? Then found out it’s closing sooner than that?

and I was worried that I was gonna be jobless and such? Then I found out I was going to get another job and quit my current one?

Well, that job hasn’t gotten back to me yet and now that the store is closing a lot sooner than planned, I now have a transfer.

I’m going to a new Jewel Osco and I’m excited because it’s the store I wanted out of the 3 I chose and well, I’m also very fucking nervous and sad. Its finally hitting me that I’m actually leaving.

I’ve been at my current store for 6 years, would’ve made 7 years this September. 

My store is dead, it’s literally empty, it’s closing. Not seeing anyone I’m close to anymore or hardly now, isn’t what did the trick to get me choked up and a bit sad and teary eyed.

The answer to my question is what did it. I can’t believe I’m leaving. I can’t believe I’m going to ‘start over’.

I know some of the people from my store are going to the same location as me so that’s a plus and I won’t feel so lonely. 

Maybe I can get more training and somehow become a manager of a store. I am management material and I sort of help run my store now. Not 100% but if you knew me and my boss, you’d know what I’m saying/talking about.

Holy balls. This is seriously happening.

I wonder how I’ll feel at work tonight.


Here’s my deal, Tumblr.

So yesterday I found out my store is closing. The store that I work for, have been for 6 years, is closing. April 1st or 5th, I don’t know which date it is but it’s closing.

Once I got the call, I screamed in Steve’s ear. Poor Steve. I felt livid and wanting to break shit. I didn’t get to, but I did throw shit around.

I sat there, all sunken in my seat thinking “well, shit. What the fuck am I gonna do now?” 

This means I can’t take my trip to Vegas that Steve and I planned at the end of May. This means I can’t go to Punk Rock Bowling. This means I can’t do jack shit about ANYTHING. I may need a new car battery, who the fuck knows.

So much shit went through my head and I couldn’t think passed it. My boyfriend told me I looked like my hamster just died. I couldn’t let my mind stop and he could tell and he’d get frustrated. “Expect the unexpected”. That’s too damn hard of a job. I mean, you go through shit, just to rise up, thinking there’s no way you’re coming down…..just to come down.

My tax money will help me a bit, but not for long nor far. 

I’m not so sad anymore about this because I’m sort of promised a job already. I applied to two other places and one had three openings. but with this job that’s sort of promised to me, I can sort of care less about the others I applied for as soon as I got the news.

I have to put my two weeks in soon. but to give them the satisfaction of letting them think they’re helping me, I’ll tell them which store I’d like to transfer to and just quit as soon as I’m hired at the other place. Sucks because I have two weeks PAID vacation that I won’t get to take. There really isn’t a way to.

I’ve thought about it..believe me. and I’d really hate to do that to Rebecca and Ralph. I’d like to think they would do the same for me but if that was the opposite fact — well…it’s good to know I’m kindhearted.

I’m stoked to leave Jewel. I’ve been thinking about it this past year telling myself I’m leaving before I reach my 7th year. Which would be this year in September. I didn’t want to be there by the time my birthday rolled around and look at that — I WON’T BE.

But this isn’t the way I wanted to go. I wanted to go out on my own terms. Like a coworker said “I wanted to be like FUCK YOU. I’m out.” EX-FUCKING-ACTLY.

It’s the dream.

So, come the time I quit and have my full time job, I’m burning all of my Jewel Osco clothes except my vest. Sef and I made a fun point to mess with it and “punk it out”. I’m gonna look bad ass and stupid at the same time. I can’t wait.

I’m going to burn my uniform and have a party to celebrate my departure from that horrid place. I’ve been dying to burn that place down to the ground..but I didn’t want it to end like this. It’s bullshit. I got too comfortable there. I know too much about that store and my employees and just..everything.

I hope that this “new beginning” is going to help me out. I hope it opens my eyes some more and makes me a even better person than I am now.

My life is literally going to change. I’ll miss some people and I won’t get to see my 4 friends as much as I’d like to :/

I know I have more friends out there…but the ones who really matter that I see..I mean ACTUALLY see and hang out with, are Steve, Mary, Tony and my boyfriend. -sigh-

Change is good and hope this is good for me and to me. Only time will tell.

At least I’m not sad about it anymore. Still feeling pretty down/bummed out but it’s nothing something can fix…y’know?

I’ve been listening to Brand New all morning/day and I just want some za. Playing ‘Words with friends’ and drinking hot apple cider to save me from being sick, is what’s getting me through today.

Oh, so, I guess sometimes when something terrible happens, sometimes something pretty cool happens.

I won a rare Riot Fest silkscreen poster. It’s from last year. That line up was amazing. Trio. Adicts. Descendants. Gogol. Teenage bottle rockets. Etc etc etc etc.


I’m working a 9 hour shift today -_-.

Everyone, come visit me.

Got this sucka for 3$! Had a coupon that I grabbed at Warped Tour, which I now have 12 coupons left ;D, and it was originally like close to 6$ and was on sale for 5$ and the coupon was 2$ off. Lo and behold…I have VITAMIN WATER.

Revive. Unf.

My 4th of July went like this:

Aside from hanging with my family and boyfriend, eating some grub and relaxing before I worked.

That’s just it: I WORKED. lol.

start at 4pm and was scheduled til 10. We closed at 9pm. After my break, I had to start fixing up the store. Guess what? One of out meat coolers went out. Had 5 of us removing the meat off the shelves and put into carts then into our back room cooler. THEN! our dairy coolers go out.

The store only consisted of one bagger, three grocery clerks, one facer and my manager. 

Everything was soaked because the coolers were shut down. OJ was slipping everywhere and the canned Philsbury shit was exploding. It was HILARIOUS.

Becca is the best. She laughs at everything I say. The bacon was soo soft that I was like “Is this why they say ‘whats shaking bacon?’” and Becca just laughed! I loved it.

Anyway, I left an hour late so adding an extra hour to my 6 hour shift ona Holiday getting some Holiday pay, was well worth it.

Woke up tired so I didn’t work out this morning. GET SOME.

"1,000 ships" by Rachel Platten and "King of anything" by Sara Bareilles are the two songs I’ve grown to love while working at the shit hole I call work.