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I had such a fuckin awesome vacation. Four shows, two being trio, finally seeing finch after all these years and them being broken up and tower of power with my God father.

I got to take a train I never took before to the suburbs to my God parents, and I went home Saturday night instead of spending two hours in the city alone Sunday morning thanks for izzy coming out and having dinner. Spontaneously and last minute went to a Halloween party. It was real fun.

Ending my vacation with night 4, my night 2, of trio. It was amazing. I’ve got to hear My shame is true, Goddammit, Crimson and Good mourning all in full. Goddammit is my favorite trio album and hearing it in full AGAIN was gnarly as fuck. Nose over tail is my favorite trio song, my body just let loose all in my pit area.

I had such an awesome vacation. I can’t remember when I felt this happy about a vacation. Yah my birthday vacation is always wonderful but ohhh man, this one made me stoked. Imagine if I had went to trio four nights instead of two?

Oh, I met Nate from finch on Tuesday at their show and when I got home I compared it to our photo from 03-05 whenever it was taken and its funny to see how we’ve grown. I love him, he’s one attractive dude.

I also got to meet Mike Park on Thursday. He sold me my trio hoodie. He was so nice, I loved it.

I met a dude at the finch show who I thought was a real cool dude. He asked for my number and being me, I don’t act well to being hit on or flirted with because that doesn’t happen to me, but I told him we could be texting buddies.

I gave it to him but he didn’t give me his. I wrote it ona piece of paper, because I’m old school. I think he lost it and I sort of feel stood up and I kind of hate that I feel like this because it’s ridiculous. I’m an idiot.

BUT……this fucking vacation though!

Alkaline Trio is tonight. and the next night, and the next night and the next night.

I’ll be there tonight for opening day and I will be there for the closing day, Sunday.

Stoked as fuck. I can not wait. I can’t wait to sing my heart our and enjoy seeing their faces again and just feel the spirit of my best friend next to me since she couldn’t make it.

I hope to see everyone’s smiling face there.

I had many dreams last night, and one was about a friend of mine who died 6 or so years ago, and it was really sad. He was alive but he was dead.

I seen him and was talking to him but went into the bathroom to cry because I knew he was dead and didn’t understand why he was here and why I see him.

It led to a girl I went to grammar and high school with to comforting me but we oddly don’t get along anymore and I woke up feeling weird. It was a happy dream yet real sad.

I believe when the deceased invade your subconscious, they’re visiting you. I hope he’s happy.

I needless to say, woke up singing Against Me! My dead friend.

Hating my internet connection right now.

Wifi wasn’t looking good so I had to jump on the computer and sit here frustrated fucking with wires and plugs and click click click.

Works right now, but it’s frustrating to know that earlier I had it running, then it died, running, dead, dead.

I’m just complaining. 

Alton Brown is on my television on Food Network and it’s lovely because I adore the shit out of him. I haven’t seen his face in so long. and guess what? Halloween Wars is next. 

Tomorrow is Monday, I gotta work, I don’t want to wake up.

It feels so good to have some flannel again. My old ones are not fall season nor thick.

I’m ready. Autumn, lets give it a go.

- Stumbled on this INSANELY rad pillow.
- Found this web fleece blanket that I missed out on last year.
- First dunkin doughnut cider of the year and season.
- Major score on these soaps for the Fall\Pumpkin\Halloween season.

I’m happy. Today was not a bad day.
*Also came home to a letter envelope with a Bouncing Souls patch. Jason is amazing.

Back on the grind. Started The Office all over again. We all seen this coming.

Tea for my sick body, Office for my enjoyment. Craving little Cesar like crazy. Going to ask for a ride to pick up some.

Later tonight, Freddy vs Jason. Missing it every time on Syfy and now, now Its mine.

I pick up my brother every now and then and this is what I get to stare at. I fucking love my city and being able to live in it.

I may not live directly inside of this awesomeness, but I do live in Chicago. Suck it.

Tell me Esteban and I aren’t awesome as fuck.

Because I fucking can! Because I’m a fucking nerd and geek over anything Halloween season related.

Nice shot of my room though, yah?