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"And the best My Chemical Romance album of all time is.."

I got this sent to me via e-mail from AP. The magazine. I stopped checking those years ago. Not sure why I still get them and not sure why I haven’t unsubscribed. The zine isn’t like how it used to be, not saying I hate it all together because they do have some pretty decent articles that catch my eye every now and then.

but I go to see what the album is and they don’t even mention “I brought you my bullets, you brought me your love”. I just didn’t bother to read the article. Was that album, their FIRST album, not worthy of a mention? Not worthy of the scene of today’s music? 

It’s their best album! It’s what started it all. Honestly, once Black Parade came out I wasn’t into it. So I stopped listening. I don’t hate or dislike the band, I just wasn’t into it. I loved what I had with their first two albums.

Anyway, that article should have had their first album as a nomination or whatever they’re doing here. Their recent album wasn’t listed with a description but it’s their last. I guess you wouldn’t expect much. The fans like popular. Not good fucking music!

I just prefer their first album. That’s all. Rant over.

So. Bored. Want. Tacos.

I kind of need to cut back on shows. Or try. Its hard, just thinking it sort of feels off and sad. And then I heard a voice and they said….

One does not simply cut back on shows.

I was nominated last night at 8:55 to do the bucket challenge. I donated earlier today but because I work tonight, I’m doing the bucket challenge tomorrow.

This is going to be something. Glad I can help anyway I can and do something with a kick.

How can one deal with the fact that their favorite band, oh you know, Alkaline Trio, is playing home for four days ina row and on the beginning day of the tour home, Against me! is playing the same night?

Against me!\Laura has played Chicago this year a handful of times and I’ve missed every single show.

Next year, Against me! is mine. Let this be proof of documentation.


I can not wait.

Been in a huge, huge, huge Tom Delonge mood. Strange I guess to some to hear you’re in a mood for a person.

I’ve been laying here in bed going back an forth from Blink to Angels to Box Car.

I’m just stuck in this point where I hear the difference in his voice through different songs, different albums and different years the albums had came out.

People talk about his voice and pitch and all that jazz. I hear it, let me tell you, but he’s an older man now, dudes goin to hit 39 this December. (I’d still make love if given the chance ;)) and he just doesn’t “scream” anymore. I noticed more now that I’ve dabbled between different albums\bands that Angels is just a whole lot more mellow(if it really wasn’t obvious) and calm where his vocals just flow through.

He doesn’t have to fully pronounce a word, ha!

Oh boy…This mood is murdering me. I know they just came here last year at Riot Fest but I can’t wait anymore. But….its good that I have to. I can’t afford anymore. I’m patient when it comes to them, no matter how ridiculous that sounds, no matter how ridiculous I get, when it comes to absolutely anything the three of them are doing.

Alright, I’m done. Over and out.

This is what happens when you aren’t on the computer for months and your life is on the fritz. 

213 stories. I have to do this on a day off. Lord, help me.

Checking my e-mail, get siked for Van’s. Take a look at the men’s section for shoes, looking and looking, eye balling a few, checking them out. Y’know reading the reviews and the product’s materials.

I click on a pair I own to compare to some I want now, head back and there was an error. They can’t load it. I restart and yah. there’s that error again.

Vans, don’t you want my money? I mean, I don’t have to give it to you but I’d like to. What…free shoes? huh? ok if you insist since I can’t order any.

*wishful thinking.

I was awarded the task from jasonfnsaint to do this ‘selfie challenge’ and well, here it goes:

It shows you how awesome\funny\weird I am. That my hair always looks just about the same and that I love Halloween. It’s obvious, right?

The bottom three are my best friends. Steven. Izzy, my boyfriend and Kara.

Words can’t express how much love is beaming through the bottom three photos and how much I miss the fun times I had in the above three. They’re still happening now, but you know, reminiscing.

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