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Can you guess who is sick? Smile? You’re mental.

Send soup and drugs and no work.

Tell me Esteban and I aren’t awesome as fuck.

Esteban and I decided to hang out and make candy corn cup cakes and maple bacon bone cookies.

We have a lot of supplies. Shit just got real.

Want to hear something funny?

Every band on the Riot Fest roster that I did not know, ended up being every band my friends here on Tumblr\Facebook\real life[some] all listened to.

Now all I see on here are posts about said bands and I’m just over here like


Will someone make me a mix cd? A physical cd? Yes? I’m so outta the loop. Have my manager call your manager and we’ll make records together.


Because I fucking can! Because I’m a fucking nerd and geek over anything Halloween season related.

Nice shot of my room though, yah?

Late night personal posts.

Shhh, you’re cute and I think it’d be great to kiss you.

Shhh, don’t pretend you don’t feel the same.

Maybe I just fantasize and day dream too much.

I have a pizza slice next to me, why am I on here?

I had a pretty nice dream that involved me getting a sweet leg tattoo, and afterward I was eating pizza with a guy named Robert who had a corgi dog named Robert and he had the dog ina weird high chair thing, eating pizza.

What’s going on with my brain. Nothing but insane dreams. This past Saturday I had a dream I went to a porn\sex convention with my boss and the security we talk to.

But hey back to the main point here. I’m so fucking ready to get my skin covered in tats. Unffff

Restless legs, stop being restless. Eyes, I know you want to shut but my body says otherwise.

Chicago, enough with the bipolar weather. K thanks.

Sincerely, Jessi.

It’s 1:08am and I just walked in a bit ago. I had to borrow the bf’s car to take our friend home and I took myself home.

While I decided to put music on through a cassette through my phones Pandora, I put the weezer station on and its just pure awesomeness. It was so good to drive in the dark with lightening in the distance peeking through the dark clouds, with a real chill breeze, windows down and being alone.

Jimmy Eat World came on and it had me feeling emotional. Like I wanted to cry. Not from sadness or anger, just felt like crying. I’m getting older and the band’s I grew up with are also getting older and nostalgia will forever be something I hold so dear. No matter how fucking stupid you think that is.

Its now storming here in Chicago. I.hope I can sleep. Even though it was chill outside, it doesn’t work the same for inside.

Good night.

My pup odie and myself these past two days.

I love him. So damn much.