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Who’s awesome? Yah, that would be me.

Photo on the left, I was emotional, nostalgic and stoked for tonight. Wrestlemania 30. Of course the Hall of fame was beautiful but I was really anticipating one match. Dead man VS Brock. I’m still in shock.

As I’ve said, Iknow the streak was to end, but not to Brock. That was bullshit. But I sit here quite disappointed and heart broken. Dead man was my childhood hero, y’know? We all got one. It just wasn’t his time, he shouldn’t have went out like that. But it’s what happened. I’m not going to cry like I’ve done in the past.

Congratulations to Daniel Bryan, he deserved the title of champion. Well fought, my friend. I enjoyed watching you grow.


Second photo to the right, I’ve never owned any Undertaker merch, so what better time and what better choice than the streak listing? And what better time than now? I just need to mark that I bought it right after wrestlemania 30. Its gonna be a memory I won’t forget.

I’m cheesy and nerdy and weird. I just hold a lot to my heart. Its mine after all, not yours.

I’m the best in the world.

I’m watching an episode of “Total Diva” and I haven’t seen any since it started and its pretty weird.

Not used to seeing this point of view of them and unfortunately when the divas have a match, I hardly ever pay attention.

I guess we’ll see where we go from here.

A plus, next Sunday is SummerSlam.

[HAHAHhahaha get it?]

P/S I was at the PPV in that crowd. Needless to say, my city and I are quite awesome.

This fucking SUCKS. 

Not really, this is actually pretty fucking sweetawesomeradgnarlysupercrazy. What sucks is that, the boyfriend and myself weren’t going this year because last year it was more focused on just meeting people rather than the comics themselves and to him it felt like a ‘swap-o-rama’ which I’ve never been to one but uhh..yah.

I honestly am torn because I’ve never missed a Wizard World ever since my boyfriend and I started dated. I kind of don’t wanna start now but I guess I’m going to have to.

Another reason Im not going is that they raised ticket prices.Tickets used to be 15/25$ and are now raied to 45/50$. I can’t spend that much for just one day and then 100$+ to meet everyone in the photo -_-

It sucks, it would of been rad to meet Punk again but not to mention fucking Dolph Ziggler.

It’s said to be the largest presence ever for WWE at a Wizard World event.

Breaks my fucking heart.

Guys, can I just tell you how awesome tonight was?! Because it was.

Way Way Way gnarly.

My favorite match was Punk VS Jericho. My favorite ref was in that match! Yah — I have a favorite ref.

More shots later. CHEERS!

Payback PPV — This Sunday. Guess who is going?

Yaaahh, my boyfriend got tickets right after Wrestlemania. We don’t have like sick gnarly seats but the seats we did get are good enough for me and I’m really fucking excited to go.

I haven’t watched RAW ina months worth because of work and my boyfriend records it but I never go over anymore.

Anyway, I’m going to HULU this Monday’s RAW and check what I’ve missed since they do show highlights and junk.

Sunday is gonna rule. I didn’t know it was Father’s day. I’m sure my Dad is watching me watch the PPV in Heaven. Holla.

My mom, Ansem, and myself.

We were doing Ansem’s Undertaker face. I loved it.