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Got this sucka for 3$! Had a coupon that I grabbed at Warped Tour, which I now have 12 coupons left ;D, and it was originally like close to 6$ and was on sale for 5$ and the coupon was 2$ off. Lo and behold…I have VITAMIN WATER.

Revive. Unf.

Warped Tour bound.

I drove myself, Kara, Angela, my brother and Zak to Warped tour.

Found the Warped balloon with the bands/times on it. Walked around. First ‘band’ to see was “Into it. Over it” in the “acoustic basement” tent. Got my nose punched. HARDCORE.

Anthony Raneri’s acoustic set was our next ‘band’. Had like two hours to kill before The Used. Got food - waited in line for an hour. HA!

After The Used we had watched some of Senses Fail and then all of Taking Back Sunday. After that we caught Bayside and Angela had left to check out Make do and mend. Seen Jen, talked a bit. Kara and I walked to ANTI-FLAG and met up with Angela after their set and walked to New Found Glory.

Up in front by the barricade for both Bayside and ANT-FLAG. ;D
[and of course Anthony Raneri and Into it. Over it’s set] 

Plugged up ringing ears, punched face, pushed bitches around, sun burn, tan lines, chicken fingers and nachos, nostalgia, amazing bands, high school teen years, best friends, good times, good tunes.

Just over all an amazing day/night with best friends taking a trip down memory lane.


1] Bayside.
2] Bayside. 
5] The best shirt in the world.
6] The back of the best shirt in the world.

My only merch. No complaints.

Warped tour was awesome. Good hangs. Best friends. Summer. Nostalgia.

Warped Tour was awesome.
Nostalgia. Kara. Angela. Best friends. Summer. Heat. Great bands. 

1] This is our “after” shot. The day killed us. Had a great amount of fun.
2] Waiting for Into it. Over it.
3] Into it. Over it.
4] Anthony Raneri :D.
5] Anthony Raneri.
6] Relaxing. Waiting for The Used.
7] Kara, my brother, Zak. LOL
8] Cokie the clown. Riot Fest’s tent.
9] The three amigos.
10] CULT.

Warped Tour: July 7th: Tinley Park IL.

Yup. This Saturday.

Kara, Angela and myself.

But by the looks of it, Angela might not come due to her cold :/.

But aside from the bad, which I’m hoping fades away, there are so many gnarly bands on the lineup that the three of us are extra stoked to see.

Nostalgia trip for sure. Taking it back.
Summer, here we come. 

Warped Tour 2012. [Chicago]

Well, this year’s list was looking pretty fucking shitty. I’m not into the whole “new metal hardcore screaming poppy tunes thrown in when ever” noise - but lo and behold some good music had been thrown my way!

Bayside from the get go stated way early in the game that they were playing the whole tour. So that right there was as an automatic reason as to why I have to go. I have never missed a Warped Tour since 2003. I don’t think I should stop now.

So - Other bands got added recently like fucking ANTI-FLAG! Say what?! I just seen them this past Tuesday and they announce that they’re coming back in 4 months?! Fuck yah!

I counted the bands on the list thus far that I’d like to see and those who I MUST see. There is a total of 11 bands and out of that 11 there are 6 I must see. 

Once we figure out if NFG will be on Chicago's date, I'll be set.

-Anthony Raneri [acoustic set]
-Senses Fail 
-Into it. Over it.


NOTE: Not the mention the rumor of The Used and Taking Back Sunday being added made me feel nostalgic. Let’s go! Get some old TBS in the mix! The used?! FUCK YES.

I’m tired. My eyes are heavy and my body doesn’t want to do shit after yesterday.

Warped was awesome.

Who I seen [in order]:

-Larry and his flask
-Less Than Jake
-Black List Royals
-New Years Day
-Street Dogs
-Pour habit
-The Exposed
-The Sheds
-D.C Fallout
-The Sharks
-The Devil wears Prada
-A day to remember

Sox game today.

We fucking lost. 8-5. What a fucking shame. I still had a good time though. Got too into the game.

I went with Angela and her family plus her sister’s two friends. Got some good photos :D

Got my Sox cup too.

Tomorrow, Warped tour. Me, Angela, Zack and Mary. HERE WE GO!