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The Menzingers rocked my face off last night.

Didn’t get any photos of the openers or a lot of them but I enjoyed the fuck outta my evening.

Steve and I had taken the red\green line and had trouble with these new Ventra machines and all this bullshit. The old CTA transit cards were all out of order.

Bought merch as soon as I got there, seen Sal and Topia, which was a surprise to me, and had hung out with them for a while. Seen Trevor and kman.

Headed toward the stage, became a wall flower til the menzingers played and I had the middle right all to myself somehow.

It was overall a real good evening. Didn’t get home til 130 in the morning.

Guess who is excited? Guess what Friday is?

Urgh, I can not wait. Heading out with Steve and meeting up Kman later.

Then…to think….two weeks after, is Tigers Jaw at the same venue. SUCK IT!

It’s hot\humid outside, here in Chicago. Shorts are not my friend.

Does anyone want to be my gym buddy?
Happy memorial day, and stuff.

I stuffed my face with delicious food. Grilled and junk. Come over and eat.

8pm last night was one of the most insane moments I’ve dealt with because I was beyond excited for the damn website to load.

Bought three 3-day passes yesterday for Riot Fest.

It was only going to be Steven and myself but my boyfriend surprised us both with wanting to join us.

The website was misleading. Nothing was directing me to the tickets. The ticket icon wasn’t highlighting to indicate they were finally on sale… it should have. The shop was just for actual merch.

I decided to check my email. Boom. Ticketfly.

The lineup is INCREDIBLE. The email listed the first band in the subject and I lost it. The room I was in got quiet, haha. THE MOTHER FUCKIN CURE! (There are so many amazing bands on.this list. I’d name them all but I just can’t)

There was nine of us playing Cards against humanity sooo, it was pretty funny.

Unfortunately, due to the misleading website, I.missed three cheaper passes, but I’m satisfied with what I paid. If you’re wondering, I paid 159 for a pass.

I had a very rad day yesterday with my friend Aaron.

The Dead Kennedy’s are coming to the Bottom Lounge June 27th. Its a Friday. I really want to go. It pains me Jello won’t be there but it is something I’ve been wanting.

I can’t necessarily tell you where or how it was that I came to love them so quickly, but I can tell you my Dad shown me “Urgh, a music war” and we watched it together and DK was on it, amongst others. It was an awesome moment for me because me and my Dad were enjoying the same music, bonding you know? I’ve always liked the music\bands he’d shown me but the majority of my taste he didn’t care for. Not all, but the majority.

Urgh, I just need to go to this show for my sake of loving DK and to tell my Dad I did once I go through the pearly gates. I fucking miss him.

Naturally, Esteban will be my partner in joining me in this show. We’ll have a gnarly, gay ol time.

I need new pillows. I grew to love these and they’re comfortable but it’s time. They’re old, I’m getting there.

I’m in bed. I lay here and my pillows make me move my skull too much. Making me want to rip my head off of my neck.

But alas, here I am. Almost midnight. I crash.

My best friend and I just walked from his house, on the east side of Chicago, to Indiana. Very proud of how far we walked.

It was a lot but not extreme. This is us. Drinking in Dunkin Doughnuts. Now we walk some more.

Words can not express how gnarly today\tonight was.

Ill definitely post more later. Its almost 1am and I got home an hour ago. I’m tired.

Flatfoot 56 was amazing tonight.

Oh Chicago.

It’s 12:52am and the weather dropped but it’s windy. Everyone’s out being drunks and shitfaced til everyone is Irish and I just got into bed.

The wind is pushing our lovely trash cans so in my alley they’re dancing.

I’d like to sleep now. I earned it.

My date was green river because alcohol isn’t my friend anymore. I’ll be able to drink soon. Eh.

I.believe tomorrow, Esteban and myself will take the red line for a last minute Flatfoot 56 show at Reggies. Uhm, fuck yah.

Keltic punk with my best friend bringing in St.Pattys our way, the only way we know how other than watch Boondock Saints over and over. Which we have NO problem doing.