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My best friend and I just walked from his house, on the east side of Chicago, to Indiana. Very proud of how far we walked.

It was a lot but not extreme. This is us. Drinking in Dunkin Doughnuts. Now we walk some more.

Words can not express how gnarly today\tonight was.

Ill definitely post more later. Its almost 1am and I got home an hour ago. I’m tired.

Flatfoot 56 was amazing tonight.

Oh Chicago.

It’s 12:52am and the weather dropped but it’s windy. Everyone’s out being drunks and shitfaced til everyone is Irish and I just got into bed.

The wind is pushing our lovely trash cans so in my alley they’re dancing.

I’d like to sleep now. I earned it.

My date was green river because alcohol isn’t my friend anymore. I’ll be able to drink soon. Eh.

I.believe tomorrow, Esteban and myself will take the red line for a last minute Flatfoot 56 show at Reggies. Uhm, fuck yah.

Keltic punk with my best friend bringing in St.Pattys our way, the only way we know how other than watch Boondock Saints over and over. Which we have NO problem doing.


Enjoy the gnarly reads here.

I read this from a friend and I thought it was absolutely hilarious.

One thing, though. I’m not a cubs fan. I think all of the jokes are hilarious. As do the Cubs fans about us Sox fans. There is no win, no point in arguing about it.

Also, #5 isn’t that easy. I will not speak my truth about it. Agree to disagree. Haha.



Touche Amore rocked my face off last night. I bought this hoodie last night and I adore it like no other. It’s my first band hoodie in a real, real, real long time. I.finally got to see them after missing them at Riot Fest for Brand New.

They made a joke about our Riot Fest. Good ol Chicago. My home. The singer goes “if you were at Riot Fest, you’ll understand this joke. Let’s thank Brand New for not playing tonight.” And yah, huge smile on my face.

MewithoutYou was really awesome to see. I never listened to them and I’ve known about them forever and last night I really enjoyed them.

I had such a good time last night, aside that it was an early ass show. It ended at 8:30 because it started at 5:30 and the 2nd opening band cancelled because of van trouble:\ and the band who was playing after our show even cancelled so Touche could of played even longer. Urgh! But none the less, it was amazing.

Isabel, myself and my boyfriend met with Stephanie and bumped into Kman and Nicole.

Love it.

Thanks Chicago.

My power just came back on. Its 9:22pm. It’s been out since 5:30pm. It was slowly getting cold in the house.

I mean, the candles lit everywhere and iPod time was nice but my phone was near death and if it died how could I call anyone If anything bad were to happen? I didn’t care about the television or internet.

I was just going insane. My day off was interesting but still sucked:/

Positive vibes are needed. Send them my way.

I am finally home alone for the first time ina long time.

I decided to blast Touche Amore and trim my roses stems and give them fresh water.

Touche Amore is in a week. I’m unsure if the person who was stoked to come with me is still coming with me because we haven’t had contact in weeks because their phone is fried.

but….Kman and Nicole will be there and I can’t wait to see them.

Tumblr changed a bit on making your photographs a bit even when they’re posted right next to each other.

Anyway, yesterday the boyfriend and I celebrated Valentines day because we don;t celebrate it on the 14th because we don’t see a reason to really. It’s a day where everyone and their mothers will be out and we didn’t wanna be ina mess of people.

Anyway — we went to the art museum, which I was incredibly stoked for! Been wanting to go for a real long time now. Afterward we went to Pizano’s for lunch\dinner and yah, we killed the entire pie. We didn’t get it heart shaped if you were curious.

Before we had left though, he surprised me with flowers. I’m not a flower type of gal, or a jewelry type, but this was a sweet surprise. I think they look rather pretty.

Also, I took a photo in front of the lion, or under it, whatever, because before my Dad had died, when I was a teenage he took my cousin and I to the art museum and I took a photo just like this with her next to me, and I thought I owed it to him to do it again for him. Idk, I’m weird like that. I really miss him and I’m just trying to do things in his honor and memory.

Yesterday was just a real good day. Walked to the comic shop and shot the shit basically. We went home and watched big bang theory all night because I thought we finished season 5 but yah, I was wrong.

Whatevs, yesterday was just a real good day. 

My last post still stands…

However, it’s now 2:26A.M here in my city that I like to call Chicago annnnd yet, I’m still wishing for that pizza service to just deliver to my bed.

Its cold as fuck in my room and I could do with out it. Thanks.

Why am I even up? Nobody’s awake.

I await the day I can hold that plane ticket and get in my seat and look next to me and my boyfriend is there and I get giddy of excitement and when we land I’ll know we’re not in Chicago anymore, I’ll know we’re on California land.

To inhale the California soil and soul and feel the Sun greet me in another state and feel extremely happy.