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It’s 1:08am and I just walked in a bit ago. I had to borrow the bf’s car to take our friend home and I took myself home.

While I decided to put music on through a cassette through my phones Pandora, I put the weezer station on and its just pure awesomeness. It was so good to drive in the dark with lightening in the distance peeking through the dark clouds, with a real chill breeze, windows down and being alone.

Jimmy Eat World came on and it had me feeling emotional. Like I wanted to cry. Not from sadness or anger, just felt like crying. I’m getting older and the band’s I grew up with are also getting older and nostalgia will forever be something I hold so dear. No matter how fucking stupid you think that is.

Its now storming here in Chicago. I.hope I can sleep. Even though it was chill outside, it doesn’t work the same for inside.

Good night.

My favorite pit at Riot Fest. The Souls were amazing, CM Punk was gnarly, I was on the wrong side of the stage.

The people were hyped but not as hyped as the other. I miss Riot Fest already. Fighting the urge to go to Denver this weekend. As if it were possible.

Next year should be quite rad.

Guys, Riot Fest is tomorrow. Here’s my last post.

If you’re heading there, my Tumblr buds, and we haven’t met yet, here’s what I look like. I’ll be there all weekend.

Look for the chubby gal wearing all black.

Last night I got off work at ten and found out I had to borrow my mom’s car to pick up my brother at work.

He’s got a good view. Then again, he does work in the city. Beggars pizza to be exact. Do you realize how hard it was to say no to a pizza slice? Fuck.

Today just rules.

-Two of my favorite dudes.
-Three hour ride, there and back.
-D’Arcy’s Pint.
-Finally getting my hands on a Horseshoe.
-Getting out of the city.

The Menzingers rocked my face off last night.

Didn’t get any photos of the openers or a lot of them but I enjoyed the fuck outta my evening.

Steve and I had taken the red\green line and had trouble with these new Ventra machines and all this bullshit. The old CTA transit cards were all out of order.

Bought merch as soon as I got there, seen Sal and Topia, which was a surprise to me, and had hung out with them for a while. Seen Trevor and kman.

Headed toward the stage, became a wall flower til the menzingers played and I had the middle right all to myself somehow.

It was overall a real good evening. Didn’t get home til 130 in the morning.

Guess who is excited? Guess what Friday is?

Urgh, I can not wait. Heading out with Steve and meeting up Kman later.

Then…to think….two weeks after, is Tigers Jaw at the same venue. SUCK IT!

It’s hot\humid outside, here in Chicago. Shorts are not my friend.

Does anyone want to be my gym buddy?
Happy memorial day, and stuff.

I stuffed my face with delicious food. Grilled and junk. Come over and eat.

8pm last night was one of the most insane moments I’ve dealt with because I was beyond excited for the damn website to load.

Bought three 3-day passes yesterday for Riot Fest.

It was only going to be Steven and myself but my boyfriend surprised us both with wanting to join us.

The website was misleading. Nothing was directing me to the tickets. The ticket icon wasn’t highlighting to indicate they were finally on sale… it should have. The shop was just for actual merch.

I decided to check my email. Boom. Ticketfly.

The lineup is INCREDIBLE. The email listed the first band in the subject and I lost it. The room I was in got quiet, haha. THE MOTHER FUCKIN CURE! (There are so many amazing bands on.this list. I’d name them all but I just can’t)

There was nine of us playing Cards against humanity sooo, it was pretty funny.

Unfortunately, due to the misleading website, I.missed three cheaper passes, but I’m satisfied with what I paid. If you’re wondering, I paid 159 for a pass.