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My best friend and I just walked from his house, on the east side of Chicago, to Indiana. Very proud of how far we walked.

It was a lot but not extreme. This is us. Drinking in Dunkin Doughnuts. Now we walk some more.

Best friends mean doing stupid shit for no reason, going out with no money but somehow always having money to get coffee.

These are the photos that were created last night at the practice spot.

Emily showed me for me :3 and it’s always bitter sweet seeing her because it rarely happens.

Melissa made that finger movement telling me to come here, and we took about, I don’t know, 5 photos? This one made her Instagram cut.

I love it. I accidentally hit her with my glasses on the side of her head so this photo was the result in me caressing her.

Steve has a photo of us on his phone and a photo of me ina Hulk Hogan mask. It ruled.

So, this happened this afternoon. I had a lot of fun just fucking around, walking and talking with Esteban at Whihala beach. 

He texted me saying he wanted to get some coffee so I showered and picked him up and we headed to Dunkin again and sat there for a good hour talking. We got into a big discussion about death and funerals….

After that, I parked by the beach and we walked toward the park and there were some construction happening but the parks were free.

We watched moving art and read graffiti[I love/appreciate good graffiti] and swung on the swings and you can see from my face how horrible it was[it wasn’t] and we just hopped from one playground to the next.

I definitely had fun today. I dropped him off and headed home where I now finish rewatching Arrested Development and yaahh, wait for work to strike.

Ignore my face in the bottom photo. I have no ides what face I’m making.

Last night was pretty eventful. Yesterday as a whole was pretty eventful.

Yesterday was my Father’s birthday. He passed away in 2007 and this marks his 6th birthday without being here.

I celebrated it with my older sister Joyce [I have 3 sisters total and 1 brother] and my niece Autumn and the new addition, little Izzy who my sister plans on adopting. I consider him a nephew already. He’s very lovable.

So I went to visit them three and my niece and I went to Party City for 5 balloons to write on and to let them go in the sky for my Father and it was cute. The ride there it was just her and I and she’s 6. I was never alone like that with her since she was a baby. She was telling me all sorts of stuff and asking me weird questions. “Why is your lip pierced?” 

Apparently she doesn’t like my car’s color because the green is the “green that looks black”. aha.

Anyway, had to come back to pick up the fucking balloons because there was an hour and a half wait. THE FUCK!? For 5 little latex balloons? 

Went to get milk and cookies and went back to Joyce’s and had a lunch snack with her and the kids. Got the balloons, wrote on them, took photos, and set them off. Mine went ina total opposite direction as her’s and the kid’s. Damn thing just wanted to be free, haha.

Autumns balloon popped which was originally mine because I wanted red and she got pink but it turns out my red was a dark pink :/ so she didn’t want the light pink anymore. Green it was for me.

I left them around 2, hopped on the expressway, got lunch with Izzy [my boyfriend] and we had some weird conversations.

He had to leave me early for work, I went to Steve’s where he ate my leftovers and we watched a shit ton of music videos off On Demand.

Got something to drink, gas, stopped at Oasis for some Woodchuck, bumped into Fuzzy and Michelle, bought our shit and headed to Bob’s practice spot.

A lot of Green Day was being played, Bert was spilling shit everywhere, Melissa had on some Salmon color coat, Myopia songs were played! I made conversation with this real tiny cute red head who was absolutely adorable.

We were there for a solid 4 hours, maybe? I don’t remember. I was pretty intoxicated. Everyone started to leave and fade out but a few and Bob I believe came back saying to Russ that Bert went up to Bob and explained that there was a fight about to break out and this and that between someone and apparently that was me and this guy Greg.

All I did was quote some Wayne’s World. HA.

Bob said we weren’t leaving, we were going to his place. Melissa drove with Steven and I and she directed us to her house and lo and behold, we talked with everyone [almost everyone] who came over, tried to drink but tried to sober up also. Had interesting conversations, seen some insane gnarly shit!

Bob has a painting that John Wayne fucking Gacy fucking painted. HOW MANY OF YOU CAN SAY THAT? I don’t think really any of you can…

The photo of me here was born inside Bob’s hidden bathroom. I love it.

Everything about last night was pretty fucking rad/solid.

AH, before I forget, do you see the shot glass from Vegas? That was supposed to be my 21st birthday present when Bob and Melissa moved to Vegas and I just got it last night.

He handed it to me and I’m like “Do you know how old I am now?” given the fact he knew that this shot glass was owed to me. I didn’t even start to drink til I was 22.

There were some silver beads inside. I don’t know why I got them but I’m keeping them.

So yesterday ruled extra hard. Yesterday Izzy and I celebrated our Valentines day this day because I was dying from being sick AND worked on actual Valentines day and he had class.

Yesterday we both had the day off, he took me to see the new die hard movie which was badasssss. Bruce Willis is just pure fucking bad ass. The movie was awesome. I enjoyed the Hell out of it.

Afterward we got dinner at Red Lobster and I was in Heaven. I’ve only been there maybe 3 times in my life and I went when I was a kid and I was extremely picky. I tried this Cajun chicken alfredo once and I’ve gotten it for the 3rd time yesterday. Love it. Absolutely in love with this dish.

That fresh strawberry lemonade was too good. Even the glass was sexy.

After dinner we went walking around the mall where he bought some tee’s and I got this awesome Adventure Time one that I can’t wait to wear — and I got some frozen yogurt. 

Yesterday was just a very fucking rad day. Went back to his house after and watched RAW from yesterday and well, I kept falling in and out of deep sleep -__-.

Now — I warm up left overs for lunch.


Ah, before I forget to post this here:

This is what happens when you have too much time on your hands and time to kill before work.

I was inspired to do my own ‘take’ on “Risky Business”. Funny though because I’ve never seen the movie but we all know about that ONE scene. It’s been done numerous of times everywhere.

So, I tried to do my best and then I became careless because I tried my best and later on I was just having fun by myself. 

My room is a fucking MESS.


About to watch “Joe’s Apartment” while I finish this cold coffee and then head to work way later.

Not looking forward to it, but it gives me something to do.

Had a gnarly breakfast courtesy of my awesome grandma. 

Now I sit back, relax, and be a bum. :)

Steven and I working our asses off. Worn out.

Angela, my Jellybean! 

Tony the Mexican ass banana. 

Izzy and I doing what we do best.

I love my friends.

Had myself a project:

I had created a mix which led to become two mixes with 15 tracks on each due to having 30 songs total that I did NOT want to change.

First CD:

1] Brotherhood - Flatfoot 56
2] Red, white and brainwashed - ANTI-FLAG
3] Total Immortal - AFI
4] Straight to Hell - The Hallow
5] Sun Dials - Alkaline Trio
6] Sorry [4 skins cover] - The Devotchkas
7] Johnny Quest thinks we’re sellouts - Less than Jake
8] Bombshell - Operation Ivy
9] Twenty One - Dead Ringer
10] Rebel city rockers - The Exposed
11] Miss Take - Horrorpops
12] Beggars will ride - Larry and his flask
13] Manthem - The Bouncing Souls
14] Your gravest words - The Lawrence Arms
15] Good things - The Menzingers

Second CD:

1] Tomorrow starts today - 88 fingers Louie
2] Bob - NOFX
3] Do or die - The Flatliners
4] For the punx - The Casualties
5] Our time - Suicide Machines
6] You’re so rad - The Bouncing Souls
7] Dead on the floor - Alkaline Trio
8] Little cuts - Like Bats
9] Real mean - RVIVR
10] Irish goodbyes - The Menzingers
11] Not without a purpose - Street Dogs
12] I’m the one - The Descendents
13] Sell out - Reel Big Fish
14] New girl - Suicide Machines
15] The ballad of me and my friends - Frank Turner

I really hope they like it as much as I do. I want it for myself in my car for the long drives I take… :D