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I hate making mix CDs.

Because I take too much pride in them and I fall so incredibly hard for them because I absolutely love EVERY fucking track on them.

I swear, if it were up to me, my friends wouldn’t get their CDs. D:

but alas, I love you guys :-*


Freshly dyed hair, freshly stretched ear lobes. I’m now at a 1/2!

The ballad of Sal Villanueva.

They fucking closed with this song! How fucking SICK is that!? They said that was the 2nd time they played it in 9 years. I am way too stoked about this fact and the fact I was able to be in the room where they played it. With the entire line up of original members.

Taking Back Sunday did such an amazing job last night. Though I was mainly stoked for “Tell all your friends” - hearing some of the other ‘hits’ they were made a bit more known for didn’t hurt so bad.

Bayside was absolutely amazing. Very fucking sad with the crowd. There was absolutely NO movement or energy. Bayside didn’t get the crowd they deserved.

Well, this has been a fuckin post. I had a blast last night.

I have the greatest friends in the world. Zack painted this for me. I left work and found this on my windshield. I thank God it wasn’t raining anymore or no one took it. Granted he left about 5 minutes before me, but still.

How awesome is that? How awesome is he?

Top - Steve and myself at Sunrise yesterday.

Bottom - today with Angela and myself at The Steer.


I’m turning this “Halloween ask” into a servey because I can. I’ll keep it Halloween related, of course.

1. Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen one? I’m 50/50 about that one. and I can’t say that I have.

2. Favorite candy? Candy corn and those carmel apple pops!

3. What did you dress up as when you were a kid?I was a lot of things. I was a pumpkin first. Then I upgraded to the reaper and a power ranger and a cat and other gnarly things. I stopped dressing up in 8th grade and restarted maybe my senior year in high school.

4. Parties or Trick-or-Treating? Parties now. I stopped trick-or-treating a long time ago. I do how ever, ask for candy bags to be made for me now!

5. Have you ever carved a pumpkin? I have.

6. Worst thing you’ve ever gotten trick-or-treating? Those nasty “grandma” candies. Yaaah, you know what I’m talking about!

7. Best costume you’ve ever seen? Where to even begin…

8. Favorite ‘Halloween’ monster? Honestly, they’re all gnarly but the skeleton is what my eyes favor.

9. Favorite thing you’ve dressed up as? My droog costume! I love it to death!

10. What are you dressing up as this year if you’re dressing up? What would you dress up as if you aren’t? I’m bringing back my droog costume. I was it last year and you know what? I’ve paid good money for it and it looks bad ass. I put my foot down.

11. Do you like going to haunted houses? I don’t…

12. Haunted woods? Aha…

13. Ever worked in/hosted a haunted house/wood? I have not but I’d love to one day. Just to see what it’d be like on the other side.

14. Do you decorate your home for Halloween? I used to. Not anymore since it’s just my grandma and I. Though…I could do my room. I’ve been wanting to FOR EVER.

15. Favorite decoration? Webs everywhere! A shit ton of wall decors!

16. Got a favorite spooky tune? I favor the Halloween theme song.

17. Any wardrobe malfunctions? NEVER.

18. Scariest Halloween moment? I remember going to reapers realm downtown with my brother and father and I literally couldn’t take it. I just remember a guy tapping me on the shoulder and shooting a gun at my face and a toy house with graffiti on it of a stick figure with it’s head on the floor. Minor details like that stuck with me..

19. Best Halloween? 2004 or 2005. Muse Cafe. The Hallow played.

20. Worst Halloween? I’ve had a lot but nothing horrifying. Luckily I’ve been hanging with amazing people. I can’t wait to see what this year’s bring seeing as it’s ona Wednesday!

Steven and I working our asses off. Worn out.

Angela, my Jellybean! 

Tony the Mexican ass banana. 

Izzy and I doing what we do best.

I love my friends.

I enjoy getting caught my the bridge sometimes.

Those of you who live near me, know how this feels when getting caught by it and also welcoming it.

I am beat.

Sitting in a room at a clinic waiting for your doctor to come in and see you, for 3 fucking hours can really take a toll on a person.

Especially since no one told you your doctor was out in surgery and was running late. I literally sat ina room for 3 hours bored out of my mind and not to mention TIRED. I had woken up early on my own, my appointment wasn’t til 9:30am and I was there at 9. I didn’t leave til 12:30.

Not to mention, I passed out on my own from being cold and I had woken up with my mouth open. I hate that!


I hung out with Izzy afterward and finished Parks and Rec on netflix[the latest season] and now I’m extremely sad because they’re airing the new one now. If you know me, I don’t watch television shows like that on television because I always work nights so I’ll miss every single one.

Alas, this makes me pissed off because I know I’ll see GIF’s and shit on here and yadda yadda yadda.

I worked tonight and around 8pm I had literally no motivation at all to finish my work.

so now I sit here watching Conan. Rashida Jones and Adam Devine are on. I am pleased.

Now - COUNT CHOCULA, come here.

It’s finally mine!

As stated else where, don’t bother me unless you’re going to watch it with me.