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Tell me Esteban and I aren’t awesome as fuck.

Because I fucking can! Because I’m a fucking nerd and geek over anything Halloween season related.

Nice shot of my room though, yah?

I had a pretty nice dream that involved me getting a sweet leg tattoo, and afterward I was eating pizza with a guy named Robert who had a corgi dog named Robert and he had the dog ina weird high chair thing, eating pizza.

What’s going on with my brain. Nothing but insane dreams. This past Saturday I had a dream I went to a porn\sex convention with my boss and the security we talk to.

But hey back to the main point here. I’m so fucking ready to get my skin covered in tats. Unffff

Restless legs, stop being restless. Eyes, I know you want to shut but my body says otherwise.

Chicago, enough with the bipolar weather. K thanks.

Sincerely, Jessi.

It’s 1:08am and I just walked in a bit ago. I had to borrow the bf’s car to take our friend home and I took myself home.

While I decided to put music on through a cassette through my phones Pandora, I put the weezer station on and its just pure awesomeness. It was so good to drive in the dark with lightening in the distance peeking through the dark clouds, with a real chill breeze, windows down and being alone.

Jimmy Eat World came on and it had me feeling emotional. Like I wanted to cry. Not from sadness or anger, just felt like crying. I’m getting older and the band’s I grew up with are also getting older and nostalgia will forever be something I hold so dear. No matter how fucking stupid you think that is.

Its now storming here in Chicago. I.hope I can sleep. Even though it was chill outside, it doesn’t work the same for inside.

Good night.

Guys, Riot Fest is tomorrow. Here’s my last post.

If you’re heading there, my Tumblr buds, and we haven’t met yet, here’s what I look like. I’ll be there all weekend.

Look for the chubby gal wearing all black.

I didn’t get to share all of the radness that I’ve been up to.

Finally, the time is now my friends. The ultimate cereal is back. I took them out of their box last night at work. Such a great perk. I’m hoping I build their display today.

All of these amazing goodies came inside the paint tin. My mom rules for this. All pumpkin scented. So much Fall is happening right now. Come smell me.

The last photo is what my mom picked up at Michaels when we had to stop in to get some craft shit. I picked out the cups but she basically stole my already existing idea, ha ha. Get ready to see so many fuckin goodies from me decked out in Halloween “attire” Haha.

Where’s my dude Jason Saint at?

Last night I got off work at ten and found out I had to borrow my mom’s car to pick up my brother at work.

He’s got a good view. Then again, he does work in the city. Beggars pizza to be exact. Do you realize how hard it was to say no to a pizza slice? Fuck.

I tried to fix it more than you could ever know. To do things right to be your friend and make it right. To find a thread that I could start to sew, but whats the use? I know you’re just sore to lose.

'Cause I was never half as bad as you were bad to me. Being real, not being mean. You're old enough to know the difference between, being real and being mean.