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Hashtag Jessi. Hashtag me. #Jessi

"Thank you for remembering me. I think of you often :)"

I’m shaking trying to type that. It’s crazy. It makes me want to cry but I’m trying so hard not to.

You never thought things like this would be so difficult. You are strong, but you do have some weak points. No one ever is 100% strong…if they tell you they are, they’re lying to you.

Hair is too short. Needs a cut though. Need bangs. Hate how my hair is split in the middle. Feeling off.

Feeling pretty good today, though. Have a day full of shit to do. In an Against Me! mood. Kicking myself for how I can never see them..ever. No money.

Oh well. Fuck it.

I was tagged by jasonfnsaint last night, so I finally got on the computer.

I’m to tell you 5 random things about me. I like doing this type of shit but I end up telling you something you already know or have read about me. but here, shut up, sit down and learn about me.

1] I stopped ‘making friends’. Everyone in my past who I’ve built long lasting friendships with, you know, thick bonding relationships, they end up stabbing me in the back. Not by slander or just pretending to be a friend, just, they let that love die for something that is incredibly stupid. As if they didn’t know me. Like that 10+ years of being my friend, they forgotten who I really am….as if I had changed. I just stopped trying to make friends. Yah, it has happened\is happening but I don’t push like the people I hold close to me. If they last, then that’s cool. I just can;t put all that love back in. You know what I mean? I was hurt and I can’t recover 100% — I’m good, though.

2] I can’t stand how shy I am. I’m loud and fun but when it comes to certain people or events, I get quiet and hide. I’m telling myself to do this and do that..but it doesn’t work. I know I can but I won’t. I just can’t. I don’t have the guts. My shyness gets in the way of a lot of stuff. and as horrible as it is to say, being buzzed off a little bit of alcohol, it helps me. “liquid courage” — it’;s bullshit, I agree. but it does help. It’s fucking dumb. I’ll get there one day.

3] I’m the nicest person you will ever meet. I mean that wholeheartedly. I will go above and beyond for you if it meant I can help you any way, shape, or form. I don’t ever expect anything in return. I love talking to people if they need an ear. That being said, with me being sincerely nice, I can be the biggest asshole when need to be. Someone’s gotta stand up for me. I don’t give a fuck about what anyone has to say about me.

4] I desire to visit San Diego. I will get there one day, and I have a silly reason behind wanting to go amongst other gnarly shit, but my main reason is to visit the place Blink-182 grew up in\around and see where they went to school and absolutely check out Sombrero. Y’know, geek out and all of that. My best friend has the same desire and we vowed to get matching Blink tattoos while were out there. They’re the reason we met and she is my best\greatest\truest friend. I love her.

5] I have a hand fetish. Yah. I’ll keep number 5 short. 

Well, I gotta tag five people. Feel free — pullbackthereins kman3115 lauriebreaker thatsong inyourwake

I’m incredibly bored. My iPod is dead, I’m not really wanting to play Animal Crossing but I know I’m going to.

Hi. I’m jessi, it’s July, Its summer, its night time here in Chicago. My birthday is this month….dear God. Quarter of a century.

I’m incredibly bored. My iPod is dead, I’m not really wanting to play Animal Crossing but I know I’m going to.

Hi. I’m jessi, it’s July, Its summer, its night time here in Chicago. My birthday is this month….dear God. Quarter of a century.

Went for a swim yesterday in my backyard with the family in this cool inflatable pool.

Bela’s watching over me and I’m wearing Hallow swim wear. Just for me.


You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod, phone, iTunes, media player etc and write down the first 20 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people. One rule: no skipping.

Jay[Jasonfnsaint] tagged me so here are my 20 songs from rad bands.

1]Box Car Racer - Instrumental 
2]A Day To Remember - 1958
3]Incubus - Make Yourself 
4]The Hallow - Eat The Skin [Local Chicago band. Google them]
5]Suicide Machines - Our Time 
6]Bright Eyes - Lover I Don’t Have To Love
7]Blink-182 - A New Hope 
8]The Devil Wears Prada - The Ascent 
9]The Early November - Fluxy 
10]NOFX - Kill The Rock Stars 
11]AFI - Shatty Famous 
12]Taking Back Sunday - Liar
13]A New Found Glory - J’y Suis Jamais Alle
14]NOFX - One Celled Creature 
15]The Postal Service- Clark Gable 
16]Catch 22 - Dear Sergio
17]Avenged Sevenfold - Gunslinger 
18]A Wilhelm Scream - We Built This City! (On Debts And Booze)
19]Blink-182 - All The Small Things 
20]Justin Sane - Thanks For The Letters

Now to tag some people — I don’t really know who to tag. If anyone sees this and wants to, by all means. If I had to see someone do this, I’d pick Kman\Andy and Laurie.

I haven’t listened to some of these songs\bands in quite sometime. You guys should see how packed my iTunes is.

Listening to Trio while talking about Vans shoes and Vans what have yous - makes for an awesome Friday afternoon. It feels nice outside. I’ll be leaving soon.

I ironically am wearing my Vans shirt and of course, wearing my Trio necklace that you can’t see. Trust me, it’s there.

Let’s not be depressing before bed.

I’m funny, kind of cool and incredibly nice.

20’s mutant ninjas turtle. Jessi ina half shell.

Yesterday was rad.

Red lined it to the blue, met up with kman and headed back to the Sub T. Bought my tigers jaw tee\charmer CD.

Quite sad they didn’t have the self titled on CD and I didn’t want to buy a record since book bags weren’t allowed in.

Later found out you can bring backpacks….funny.

Pity Sex was awesome, Tigers Jaw blew my mind. First time seeing them, felt so much energy. I was against a wall the whole night so I wouldn’t get hit by the surfers.

Kman and I were close to the mini stage all night. It being an all ages show was weird…girls were screaming like it was a pop show.

I got stuck by a kid who straightened his emo hair an he kept flipping it outta his face. Smelled horrible and texted via BlackBerry.

That’s my complaint.

Never been to the Sub T before, it was quite interesting.

I’m currently at Bob’s, didn’t sleep. Its 8am and I’m sitting in.the couch wanting to crash.