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What my eyes and ears went through this weekend.


The only riot fest to matter…aahaha.

Friday —
- The Flatliners
- Flatfoot 56
- Smoking Popes
- Screeching Weasel
- Bad Religion
- Masked Intruder
- Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
- Danzig

Saturday —
- T.S.O.L
- The Devil Wears Prada [hate on it]
- Glassjaw
- Pennywise
- Flag
- Rancid
- Blink - 182

Sunday —
- Chuck Ragan
- Reggie And The Full Effect
- Mission Of Burma
- Quicksand
- Against Me!
- Bob Mould 
- Saves The Day
- Suicidal Tendencies 
- Brand New

I sadly had to miss The Pixies and The Replacements on Sunday due to the weather having rained all morning til about 6:30 PM where it was nothing but cold winds without sun and my friend and I had to leave because it was close to hypothermia weather.

Sunday looks like a long list too because Steve and I literally had nothing going on after Chuck Ragan other than waiting for Against Me!

We hung out with Robert most of the time til we split. I got to meet a new friend also named Rob who I made friends with off of Tumblr.

Friday, Kara and Missy were with us as well as Saturday. The weather was pretty decent. Friday was cold with the sun and Saturday with sun, was hot as fuck outside. I guess Sunday had to be the dark, cold, gloomy day.

I had a wonderful time. To say these bands played my favorite songs and to say I’ve got to see Joan Jett and fucking FLAG, is extremely amazing. Danzig blew my fucking MIND. Blew it completely. To hear Danzig AND Misfit songs for my first time, ever?! words can not express.

I wish I could type the feelings and emotions I had this whole weekend in this blog but I can’t. I don’t think I could describe it perfect enough for you to feel it over a computer screen miles away from me.

My favorite band[besides Trio] couldn’t have been any better. Say what ever the fuck you want about Blink or the dudes in the band. They’re fucking awesome beings and they can make fart and dick jokes all they want. As long as they’re playing to make themselves happy because its what they love to do and live for, to make people like me happy, I have no complaints. 

Whoever is pissy because everyone at the fest played ‘hits’ is fucking stupid.

A music survey.

Name 10 Bands/Artists:

1. The Alkaline Trio

2. Blink-182

3. The Bouncing Souls

4. Minor Threat

5. The Misfits

6. The Menzingers

7. Bayside


9. The Devotchkas

10. The Hallow

1. What was the first song you ever heard by six?

I wish I could remember. I had seen them live first before I bought an actual album. I seen them open up for NOFX at Pop’s in Sauget IL. However, I do remember “A Lesson In The Abuse Of Information Technology” distinctly.

2. What kind of impact has one left on your life?

A HUGE impact. I relate to them more now than I ever did but even before then their lyrics were everything to me. They introduced me to a lot of bands and caused me to get out of my shell with certain people who associate with this band as much as me.

3. What are your favorite lyrics of five?

"This day, anything goes. Burning bodies hanging on poles. I remember Halloween”.

4. How many times have you seen four live?

ZERO. It will forever be that way it seems ._.

5. What is your favorite song by seven?

I have one for every album they’ve put out, but “Existing A Crisis (Evelyn)”.

6. Is there any song by three that makes you sad?

"Late Bloomer". It holds a lot of meaning to me. It’s also a favorite of mine.

7. When did you first get into two?

I was maybe 10/11 years old. Looking at my brothers CDs of them and putting them into my CD player. I bought my own that following birthday.

8. How did you get into three?

I had heard their song somewhere before, I think an old mix a friend made for my brother that I kind of stole from him. It had “Hopeless Romantic” on it and from then on out, I was introduced to Green Day and shit like that before I found music on my own.

9. What is your favorite song by four?

"Bottled Violence".

10. How many times have you seen nine live?

ZERO. That one for sure, will never happen again. ._.

11. What is a good memory concerning ten?

2004, Muse Cafe, I went to see them and I was overly excited because I haven’t seen them play in forever. [Local band] I was in love with the singer[Who is now one of my REAL good friends] and they wore skeleton shirts for the celebration of Halloween and they covered “Halloween” by the Misfits and that’s my favorite song. They also covered Drama Rama - Anything, Anything and I was the only person who knew the song. Favorite song played on my favorite holiday by my favorite local band.

12. Is there a song by eight that makes you sad?

I can’t say there is. They have very powerful, moving songs. “Right to choose” is definitely one of them.

13. What is your favorite song of one?

"NOSE OVER TAIL" hands fucking down.

14. If you had to get lyrics by eight tattooed on you, what would get?

Wow, what a great question. I’m literally drawing blanks. Maybe when Justin sings at shows “Raise your voice, stand together, raise your first, tell the truth”.

15. What’s a song by three that you think would make a great music video?

"True Believers" needs to be a video. Imagine the awesomeness coming into one screen with amazing people by your side? [edit: was just told there is one. I somehow knew this was gonna happen]

16. Have you ever met five?

Unfortunately, no.

17. Do you remember the first time you heard four?

I honestly don’t know how or when I started to listen to them or the first time I’ve heard them. I know my friend Bob is super into them and that may be how I was introduced.

18. Which member of two is your favorite?

Tom Delonge — yah.

19. If someone asked you to make a mix CD with songs by number nine, what’s the first song you’d put on there?

The “4 Skins” cover “Sorry”.

20. Name a song by number seven that you think would be good for a movie. If the movie already exists, name that.

"Landing Feet First". Such a rad love song. 

21. What’s your favorite album by one?


22. What’s your favorite song by ten to sing with your friends?

"We’ll be gone by the mourning"

23. What’s your favorite song to see performed live by six?

Any of my favorites, but currently, Gates and Casey. They’re on their new album. I’m ALWAYS down to hear "A Lesson In The Abuse Of Information Technology" and "Irish Goodbyes".

24. If you could say anything to any member of four, what would you say?

Ian, please get the fuck back together so I can live this one in a lifetime experience and sing my fucking heart out in your face.

25. Do you own any t-shirts of eight?


26. What’s the most annoying thing about fans of three?

The girls who complain they’re too small and cry. The dudes who think they’re better than you because they seen them more than you and who think just because you’re a girl you can’t hack it. The fans who think just because you’re quiet and not moving[YET] that they should torment you and bother you til you leave the pit. No,. Fuck off. everyone else is pretty rad. I.E: fans like Jason who travel to my hometown for their show.

27. You have the chance to interview four. What’s the first question you ask?


28. If you could spend the day with number nine, what would you do?

Geek out hardcore and watch horror films and look at art.

29. You’re going on a road trip. What’s the first album you put in by number seven?

"The Walking Wounded" or "Sirens And Condolences".

30. If you had to pick a song by number three, what song would you want to be played at your funeral?

"True Believers" hands down. it means so much to me.

31. Name a song by number one that sums up your relationship with your best friend.

We have a lot that we love but if I had to strictly pick one that sums up the friendship she and I have…it’d be “We can never break up”.

32. Describe your favorite moment that you’ve experienced at a concert for number ten.

You really have to go back to #11.

33. Who’s the perfect band to open for number two?

Honestly, Alkaline Trio AND New Found Glory already have but either those two or The Bouncing Souls.

34. What’s your favorite song by number six?

I have one for every album thus far, but “Rivalries”.

35. If someone had never heard four, what’s the first song you would play for them?

"Minor Threat". Pretty self explanatory, eh?

36. Are you willing to throw down for number nine?

YES. Hands down. An all girl punk band, you know someone is gonna talk some shit. Especially at the high school I went to. Could you imagine the shows? Jesus.

37. How old were you when you first heard number three?

Very young. That mix CD I wrote about was given to my brother when he was 12 or so, so I found it when I was 11.

38. What makes you keep listening to number five?

Everything. I listen to mainly their old albums with Danzig but I do give their new shit chances. Misfits are just too good.

39. Number seven is coming to your town. It costs $50. Are you going?

ABSOLUTELY. Ironically they’re coming two days ina row opening up for Trio in May. 

40. Name a song by number one that you could fall in love to.

"Nose Over Tail". It’s a love song all it’s own. Being the huge fan that I am, I could fall in love with anything they put out. Anything acoustic that they do automatically gets you in that mood/feeling.

41. Could lyrics by number 10 save your life?

I think it could be possible. If you ever heard “Come Sweet Death” you’d probably agree.

Pandora: The Adicts.

Have taken me on some weird nostalgia trip without even realizing. It’s pretty fucking bizarre and trippy.

I stated earlier that this station was “on point” tonight and it truly is and I am so stoked that I decided to listen to their station.

Half these songs and such, remind me of my Dad. Only he would get me.

Well, ina certain sense.


Had a lovely visit/hang out with Tony.

Shown me a shit ton of music and made me really pissed at him because I have to work Saturday and that’s the day he’s hosting a show.

Watched Anchor man and talked a lot of shit.

Had myself a project:

I had created a mix which led to become two mixes with 15 tracks on each due to having 30 songs total that I did NOT want to change.

First CD:

1] Brotherhood - Flatfoot 56
2] Red, white and brainwashed - ANTI-FLAG
3] Total Immortal - AFI
4] Straight to Hell - The Hallow
5] Sun Dials - Alkaline Trio
6] Sorry [4 skins cover] - The Devotchkas
7] Johnny Quest thinks we’re sellouts - Less than Jake
8] Bombshell - Operation Ivy
9] Twenty One - Dead Ringer
10] Rebel city rockers - The Exposed
11] Miss Take - Horrorpops
12] Beggars will ride - Larry and his flask
13] Manthem - The Bouncing Souls
14] Your gravest words - The Lawrence Arms
15] Good things - The Menzingers

Second CD:

1] Tomorrow starts today - 88 fingers Louie
2] Bob - NOFX
3] Do or die - The Flatliners
4] For the punx - The Casualties
5] Our time - Suicide Machines
6] You’re so rad - The Bouncing Souls
7] Dead on the floor - Alkaline Trio
8] Little cuts - Like Bats
9] Real mean - RVIVR
10] Irish goodbyes - The Menzingers
11] Not without a purpose - Street Dogs
12] I’m the one - The Descendents
13] Sell out - Reel Big Fish
14] New girl - Suicide Machines
15] The ballad of me and my friends - Frank Turner

I really hope they like it as much as I do. I want it for myself in my car for the long drives I take… :D

I need money.

I just made a “saved cart” which I NEVER do. I filled it with 5 CDs that I need and a tee…hahaha.

No shopping for music is right without me looking at tee’s. I’m dying. I went crazy with wanting CDs and the funny thing is, all these CDs are OLD.

Jessi, stuck in the past.

Jim - Kman - Angela:

Thanks for the recommendations! I wrote them down and I’m about to turn on Spotify and check out “polar bear club”.

Angela, you by far have given me a giant ass list. Where on earth did you find the time to check out ALL those bands!? Most of them remind me of Kman and Jim.

Lawlz. I love that we all follow each other. That’s how you know we got some good shit right in front of us.

Keep ‘em coming!

I just can’t go on forums anymore -

I just fucking can’t.

I know there are fucking critics and judgmental people EVERYWHERE and everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this and that, but what is with the constant bashing? Talking shit on and on just to prove some point that wasn’t even made, not even close, just to get shit talked on some more?

I don’t start wars on the internet. It’s childish and stupid and a waste of time. I’m not a fucking teenager anymore.

Can you believe I got ina argument ina forum I believe for Blink over not using the correct word?! CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE THAT?! A dude started talking shit to me because of incorrect use of grammar when the main focus of the forum was Blink-182. The fuck?

What is wrong with the world.

Yah, everyone is tough behind a computer screen. Agree to disagree but it’s all true and you know it.

I just hate sitting here reading all this bullshit because it takes away from the focus of the post and what brought you to said post.

Just let me fucking listen to this track, dude. Why do you have to have a giant stick up your ass?


Thursday, May 31st.

Steve, Angela and myself had went downtown to catch a free Flatfoot 56 show. Boy were we wrong, lol.

Found the place after getting rained on and grabbed coffee, dude at the door knew we were there for the “show” and I was like “how did you know we were coming here? we could have been going straight” and he laughed at me and said “I felt that you guys were coming here” haha.

Walked in, didn’t know where to go. I had to use the bathroom. We walked in this bar area, got a drink, I got distracted with the writing on the walls of the bathroom, came out. We took photos, decided we should go upstairs and we were told to wait 15 minutes. The 10 minutes, lol then 5.

Seen the “band” walk up. It was only Tobin and Brandon. Then we knew it was an acoustic set. Knowing that we figured it was only going to be a 30 minute set.

Walk in, no one is really there. We all stick out like a sore thumb. Everyone around us looks “hip” and “indie” and as soon as I went to the bathroom with Angela, Tobin came up to Steve and had a small conversation. He knew we were there for them and could tell we didn’t know what was going on.


So here’s what we got ourselves into:

TWLOHA was there. [To write love on her arms] and they were there to give more promotion and awareness to their cause and what it means and how they’re growing and how we can help. The stories and conversations got pretty deep. We felt really awkward. They asked for crowd participation and we all just looked at each other like “”

Once they finished talking, turns out Flatfoot has a charity they have going on, on the side from touring/playing/recording and was there also to raise money.

They played 4 songs. 4 songs. At least we got the new one out of it.

Couldn’t bare anymore once they ended, we walked around and ended up at Elephant & castle pub and restaurant. That’s where my delicious sandwich photo came from. 

Got home around 1am and crashed. Good night. WEIRD night. Good hangs though. Angela and Steve and myself always wind up in the most weirdest situations.

Tuesday May 29th. Metro Smart Bar.

The Early November/The Wonder Years/The Swellers/Young Statues.

Angela and I had left around 4:30 to Lake Shore Drive, got caught in traffic. Laughed too hard, sang too loud. 

Got to the Metro at like 6:50 - missed young statues. The Swellers did awesome. The crowd did not give them the justice they deserve. In all honesty, I think The Wonder Years should have went first and then The Swellers.

The Wonder Years did awesome as well. The crowd really loved them and it sort of made me feel weird. Good vibe though.

The Early November did absolutely amazing and the energy was there and I had felt I was a teenager again when I had first seen them play at the Metro years ago. The set list was amazing. They only played one new song which was the opener. Ace on stage, screaming the lyrics with his acoustic and the rest of them [minus Jeff :/] walked out and opened with “Decoration”. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

5 years has been too long. Too fucking long.

Show ended too early. Didn’t get a set list because the dude on stage was a douche. 9:50 we left. Arrived at purple steer at 10:30. Bumped into Sal, Heck, Topia and Crispin. Weird end to our weird day.

Angela and I have the best times together.